Real Estate Litigation

The well-publicized bursting of the recent real-estate bubble has certainly had a far-reaching negative impact on real estate professionals, developers, and homebuyers in both the residential and commercial markets.

We have found that several if not the majority of recent residential real estate transactions did not comply with the requirements of the law. For instance, many new home and condominium developers did not comply with the federal Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSA). Even those builders that were represented by very skilled and experienced law firms, either ignored or failed to conform their dealings to comply with this consumer protection statute. As a result, buyers who placed deposits can obtain refunds and those who actually closed can revoke the transaction and recover all of their fees and costs, even their legal fees and expenses. Our lawyers were among the first in Florida to sue developers for ILSA violations. In certain cases, we can offer contingency fee based legal services to affected individuals.

In other transactions, traditional legal theories of liability come into play. These cases usually involve construction defects, breaches of contract, fraudulent misrepresentations, negligent appraisals, and lender misconduct. Whether we represent a buyer seeking damages or rescission of a contract or a contractor defending against an attempt to break a contract, we take a comprehensive approach to identifying potential causes of action or defenses and aggressively handling even the most tenacious of opponents through the process.